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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 6, 2010 5:30pm-7:00pm PST

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no foreign release, and not for internet distribution. secretary of state hill or clinton is calling this critical for dependency. many of these are obvious, with major courts, and the straits of gibraltar, and the mallaca streets near singapore, and a siberian oil facility, saudi of arabia, the congo, india produces chromium. denmark makes insulin. and all of these are making the list and all strata of making a mistake venom antidotes. and the sleek sedan off all-star of it-- >> and also, did not make any as mistakes that the u.s. government had already distributed a list to the amount of 2.5 million people with military personnel and private contractors.
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>> wikileaks is making plans for british police, the 39 year-old australian is accused of rape and sexual molestation. of a swedish girl, and he has denied all allegations. in the meantime, u.s. attorney says that the website could face criminal charges. the united states is being put at risk and the lives that people that work for the american people have been put at risk. the american people themselves have been put at risk by these actions they're arrogant, misguided and ultimately not helpful in any way. we are door of everything that we can put every serious, we're doing everything we can, criminal in nature. >> senses wikileaks began publishing the documents is hit with denial of service. new details at the placental
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he is facing multiple charges on a child molestation. today, the contra costa county charged this man, with 46 counts. the are from aggravated assault, to possession of child pornography. and he already has three other charges relating to a child pornography and prosecutors have identified the child in the photograph. they expect to find more victim's. he worked as a juvenile hall council and will add to if ente a plea next month. . >> these two parents have been released, after child endangerment. thereto year- old was shot by the four year-old after their the two year-old that was theirs was shot to face
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>> . >> the amonin an oakland, police are investigating it. supplication of a 4 month old baby. it was brought back to life with cpr died in hospital, and the babies father has been arrested for homicide. the baby suffocated. >> you can see the damage that happened after element of try to stop the suspect from driving a car reported as stolen. the suspect tried
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to ram one of the deputies before playing the scene. he ran the red light, and hit a bart officer. the officer was taken to the hospital and non-life-threatening injuries. the other dreyer was also taken to hospital. >> a live look outside the other driver-- suffol >> a mix of sun, clouds, and mostly in the north bay. current conditions are cooling off in the 50s. 57 degrees in concord, he were, for whichha board, in hayward these storms sitting off shore will premiere of rainfall, and how much? that
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coming up in just a bit. >> this southern california home was packed with the largest home explosives ever found in one spot. in the west. this one location san diego officials are born to burn this on wednesday and the unprecedented burn is the safest way to deal with all of this. scores of people would be evacuated and the freeway will be closed. anaheithe owner is going to be taken into custody for robbing three banks. >> this woman is recuperating after falling she spent six days stranded in the woods. debra collins was found in an unmarked trail. she was very disoriented but apparently to be okay. >> and a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the right
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side = eastbound towards oakland. both directions are moving well. stay with a loss. stay with boss. stay with us.
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>> gasoline prices is torn up! the latest survey is showing $2.91. the california price is over $3. with a $3.21 and and san jose, it is $3.24, oakland, $3.23. parking in san francisco is never easy. finding a spot can be a good thing but the only spot is finding a spot that with a broken parking meter. however, daniel villareal broking parking meter me no longer mean the same thing if the city's transportation agency gets its way. >> a broken parking meters used cement free parking.
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>> usually, that meant free parking. and usually it is two hours for free. however, the municipal agency that oversees all parking in san francisco could propose a new rule. it could mean that it is only one hour. and this could be vandalism is supposedly going to be less attractive. and with lost revenue, and increasing cost of repair, this transition from two hours, to one hour, will go before the board. >> this first phase of this newly enhanced roads designed to make travel, safer. >> the muni has been in
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better shape for several years felucca this, now. this shiny new orleans is comfort, and a fresh coat of bells faults are some of the improvements. other new items, this round about. this car is navigating with the run the ball would be safer and reducing congestion that was frequent before the project began in february. this is part of a $9 million project designed to make this project easier to get around and improved safety. the longstanding problem of the erosion has been faxed. this massive tarp has done placed but it is not permanent. a police slowly consumed by natural plants and decompose over time. he rose and control a devices have been shown and installed along the roadway to extend the life of this work and the next phase will begin in april. in marin
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county come off jeff bush, kron 4 news. >> a break, with wednesday, thursday. rainfall coming up and your totals expected. after the us lightning fast. lightning strong.
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>> new details, with the bush era tax cuts, their corn to be extended on generic first for all americans. they're going to be extended-test for all americans, and the president is saying that this is necessary to help america. and also on employment benefits that will affect millions. and compromise was necessary. >> and i am not willing to see 2 million americans who stand to lose their unemployment insurance at the end of this month be put into it and situation where they could lose their home, car, or suffer additional economic catastrophe. and as sympathetic as i am all for those who prefer for a fight
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over compromise, as much as a political when stomach may dictate, fighting over solving problems if it would be the wrong thing to do. the american people have been sending us here and with the comfort of knowing that they open their first paycheck of january, 2011 it will not be smaller. >> the presidential tongue twister true some laughs president obama had some trouble selling the words to propolis. and came up with a quick to excuse. pam off superfilous to many people, that super fulles---try it with2 stitches,
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>> gabriel slate's tech report >> i have some tech headlines if you'd like an iphone? now is the time. radio shack is offering an incredible deal. the dollar's all of all iphone, and at $5 server off, or the iphone 4 at $1 sometimes $50 off, the killers off, and they treated discount, the will give you a tempelhobut >> rejected the offer in amazing deal, bring in your old by phone, get a new
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iphone. even the iphone 4. >> and google is offering this new e book and all platforms with the exception of the amazon kindle. and the want of the charge for, they're offering this cheaper than other e book sellers. lastly, the next and toward operating system 2.3. coat in, gingerbread, and troandroid. and it will be available on the s smart phones and other smart phones later on. and with faster web browsing, front facing camera support for video chatting and it will offer a enhancements for video on android smart phones. >> facebook as pick changes! and into the reporter shows us-big changes. >> those changes showed us last night with some of
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these features that are different. and at the very top there is a first miniature bthe average fee, where your from, school, and miniature biography, right below your picture. and his entire will series of recently posted pictures and to organize your friends, family into different groups. best friends, college friends, cousins, and this is where your representative of images. they're trying to make this more visual. this is not complete updating but once you switched to this new profile, you cannot switch back. >> with a lingering shower activity and things are clearing out, nicely. clear conditions through this evening. and through
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tomorrow morning, temperatures will be slightly cooler. with cloud coverage and cooler tomorrow, mainly in the 40's in the morning. the of cooling and clear in the morning. and finally, 60s for the afternoon. with mid- 60s tomorrow throughout redwood city, fairfield. however, big changes midweek stormtracker 4 radar is showing increasing cloud coverage. and this storm is sitting off shore with waves. this pushing for tonight. and wednesday. and the second will push through on birthday. and a look on futurecast by wednesday, 1:00 a.m., through the north bay. and will look impressive at first. with areas of heavy rain fall towards santa rosa. as it continues to push, it will break apart. light showers
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and in the north they barely south of the golden gate. notice that will continue to the 3:00 p.m. hour, and then it will dry up to the evening. a brief lull before it returns on thursday. 3:00 p.m., to the northern part of the bay area. three-a.m., and then heavier rainfall expected. totals? this is what we're expecting. three-quarters and to the north bay that could easily be scaled back the will wait. and just races into the south bay as that rain is heading towards the south it will dry up kron 4 7 day around the bay and with increasing cloud coverage tomorrow and the ring back in the forecast wednesday morning. a low on wednesday night and again on kerstin that could last into friday. by the wicked, high, dry, nice conditions! mild and plenty of sunshine.
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>> scientists in china are plain dress up playing dress up the big band that is a scientist, the small one is the real thing to do a physical examination on the four month old. they say that this helps human contact and human influence on the endangered animal to a minimum. . headlights = self. this is near 24 and it is heavy but moving well. san jose, the 101 of the guadeloupe overpass. and it is moving pretty well in both directions. stay with us. ♪ i ain't got no time for a nap, oh no, no ♪
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>> the creation of lacquer's infused with fruit, vegetables, spices. a- liquor. and that would
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usually created from a bed homemade a boost after prohibition. and that law could be lifted with recent restaurants being able to confuse their own batches of >> tom hopper nearly had a health problem until the 60s. all of a sudden he began the serious painting is gastrointestinal tract. >> the lower extremity crops would be sold severe that at times, i would have to hold myself up by cleaning on top of the door of the bathroom. >> cleaning--and then after testing, he was a double over on a plane to boston. and paramedics took him to the hospital and the fund up that he had selected seeds.
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and i said that is great, -- siliac damages a section of the intestine that processes gluten. >> and it is intriguing that some individuals will lose the capability to process clinton. and for some people, the can dollar rate for 60-70 years. >> if some people can tolerate? they can find better ways of syllica >> daniel vicki liviakis >> kron 4 news >> and we will take a live look at when the been use the 6:00 p.m. is coming up, next.
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>> a 9 year-old. >> the people that did this they should not be mad but least happy and thankful that they did not kill me. >> is only on kron 4. the legality of same-sex marriage up for debate. we of both sides with expert analysis. the new concern about oakland police have enough officers to keep the streets, safe. they speak out. >> and a disturbing case of animal abuse. and there were found with the duct tape and thrown into a dry air. >> and you are looking at one into a 9 year-old is recovering after she came face to face with the gunman. after three nights in oakland children's
6:01 pm
hospital. she was returned to her home and pretend and cheap checked on her pet guinea pigs south. and she was returned to her home. and she was first checked on our home a guinea pigs. this is a story that you will only find on kron 4. >> i am happy that i am home and i am happy that i am alive and that my family will stop crying. >> those people that did this to me should be happy and thankful that they did not kill me and be grateful. and >> and your forgiving? >> for giving? >> yes. >> i forgive them for what they do. >> and what made you had to the door? >> i did not add to the door, i'd just looked out the window. and then i said was this? and that he looked in the window and i did not
6:02 pm
even see anything that is the best thing about it. they're all in the paint. i am just going to be glad that i'm not going to school like this. and i was in no pain. >> you knock on the door and all you did was look? >> yes, i did not open the firkin door. to what is your advice? and if somebody knocks on the door? >> do not look, or to not open the door. and just because you hear the deep, >> and how frightening? >> i was scared! >> my sister, and it wasn't for me? my sister could of gotten shot. >> thank god that she is here. and instead of taking her away i cannot believe it. that she actually made it with such the doctor even said that it is a miracle. it is a miracle out it just
6:03 pm
passed through her neck and through her back. she should have been dashed us most kids to not make it. >> everything goes good? >> yes, i am happy because i'm getting presents any phone today. and i am getting a phone to a-- >> 3 of the four defendants got maximum today. you are seeing them michael schumacher, his wife were sentenced to 30, 33 years in state prison. kelli ramirez, also cut 34 years. they beat and tortured a tracy team, kyle ramirez, and this went on for several years before he managed to escape. >> i watched kyle for a long time and he was a scared little skinny guy and a hospital. and obviously, he is a very, professional young man and i am glad that
6:04 pm
justice has been served. and i'm glad that these people are going away. they have a long time to think of what they did. >> he was held captive in this house and tracey and regularly tortured and beaten and was escaped using a trampoline. looking for help. and this defendant, 31 year-old will be sentenced later. the legal fight over same-sex marriage went before a federal appeals court today. proposition 8, that the ban on same-sex marriages was unconstitutional. dan kerman was in the court room and he has details. >> for several hours >> both sides were being peppered with cases like this. >> and if homosexual couples have all of their rights?
6:05 pm
and that heterosexuals health, we are left with a word, marriage. with some rational marriage for that? >> and two different issues. >> one that in imperial county, that if they have legal standing to bring this before the court. and was the district court judge correct when same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. >> backers of proposition 8 have a rational reason for keeping this in place. >> the reason that reason has existed at all in any society and at any time is that sexual relationships between men and women. naturally produced children. >> supporters of same-sex marriage that this ban is simply unconstitutional. >> california has built a fence crowned its gay/lesbian citizens. is also build a fence around
6:06 pm
its institution of marriage. the citizens of california with and that one fence because of their sexual orientation are denied access to what every other citizen has that is imposed with the other fence. that is a violation of the equal protection clause and is a violation of the to process clause. >> at the heart of this, these couples >> the decision could come in at any time, weeks, months, but because this was expedited, this could be sooner than later but probably not this year. regardless, whoever loses, will appeal to the supreme court. at the night circuit court, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> legal analyst,-ninth district court-would you find? >> and i been a lawyer for over 20 years and i was even in that courtroom. here it
6:07 pm
is rare. to see and listen carefully, catherine it is called a going to be a narrow issue. and for instance, if there is legal standings on one way or another? it is exciting for an attorney to watch this. >> and your sank earlier that perhaps a different argument that you found interesting? you said earlier? >> yes, under the constitution can you deny, gays, lesbians the of right to me ma, and there is a different argument. perhaps this is that the 1996 incident in colorado, there was something on the ballot. and to target a walpole minority based on not liking them-a volatile minority. >> you cannot pick on a group because you did not like them and that seems to what they were talking about today. and i can see the possibility of saying that
6:08 pm
that is correct to cannot pick on them because you are not in favor of them. and robbed them of their rights. >> the supreme court, what do think will happen there? >> what a great question, will it go on as narrow of standing, or motivation. if it goes on the air " that gis/lesbians have that gay people and lesbians have the right to marry? and even the sense kennedy, that they've never had the right but sense be expanded the rights in the past. it will be one of those cases were four- one-one-and the wake of this entire decision on one decisions hand. it is not get bigger. >> into a bakiand to have a bi'e view is fascinating. >> will have continuing coverage 7 7 >> well, after someone in
6:09 pm
showers it turned out to be pretty nice. with plenty of sunshine. well below 60s but not all in the 50s. 50 degrees in oakland, 55 degrees in redwood city, 50 degrees in half moon bay. we're going to be seeing changes over the next couple of days. the stormtracker 4. and this thick band of clouds to the north. well offshore. we will see a couple of waves go through and then try and mostly clear this evening. some clouds mainly in the north bay and cooler tomorrow morning. and this wave will push through closer to the coastal and will talk more about that coming up in just a little bit. >> of elizabeth edwards battle on cancer is taking a turn for the worst. they say that doctors have told them that more cancer treatment but not help. a source close
6:10 pm
to the family says that doctors are telling elisabeth that she only has a few weeks to look. she was diagnosed of breast cancer in 20 04. she has been the estranged wife of two-time presidential candidate of john edwards when a fare in 2008. and edwards and the children are by her side said that a north carolina home. stay with us. a rollback. after this break. we will be back. people! look at you! texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims!
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>> kansas city missouri, and alligator was in this s u v. and after it this man was pulled over and it happened. with a powerful bite, not too powerful for animal control. the driver was taken into custody and not charged with not know why he had it. in ohio with a 52
6:14 pm
mi. chase. at one point is slammed into a police cruiser. the 17 year-old stole the us and headed towards the highway and dodge several tostop signs, and he is facing south felony charges including assault with a weapon. >> and cat killer, putting them into the dryer. . and tumbling and the dreyer. and this cat was managed to survive. missing tooth, and there she is an issue is expected to be okay. and well up for adoption. this animal cruelty person was putting stock tape on these cats and putting them into a
6:15 pm
dry air. duck tape putting them into a dreyer lightning fast. lightning strong.
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, new concerns on oakland police with the have enough officers to properly patrol the city. and staffing was an all-time high at the beginning of this year. a 03. since then, they've lost 83 with budget concerns. . and officers are spread too thin. >> and they started with a 03 this mon they started with 83 officers this year. and violence suppression operations, we're continuing to focus on violence offenders. and intelligence gathering. we have to be very poignant and will report our resources. 66 and nine officers and the chief of police should have the least 250 tips 669 officers. they do not have the money to do that. major cuts in the mount diablo school
6:19 pm
district and they're in danger of being shot down. jonathan blum, a meeting is just getting under way. >> yes, catherine, parents for a faltering and anyone to learn about why this could close. in an attempt to save $1.5 million per year, and to drop in enrollment was attributed to the economy. and also a decline in half tuition with the economy. and with cutting circles schools through this district and if your and toiled coast to this district? that is not going to make a very happy. and if your child goes to one of these schools that is slated for cut? >> one of the things that they are looking at is to cut middle school to high school campuses and incorporating six the-12. that is an idea that had one other very upset. >> and i completely disagree
6:20 pm
with that i think it is a horrendous idea. imac having a difficult time with a sixth grader i am having a difficult time with my sixth grader being and middle school ases it is. and i do not know why i am having to explain the us. >> the will not have an answer because it is just an advisory. with a servile different scenarios, and groups of schools that will be closed. and present and with those recommendations to the multiple school board. and will vote on what recommendations to except. alive, the choppe jonathan blum, jonathan blum. >> and the state is in physical trichuriasis. and governor arnold schwarzenegger is calling a special session to deal with it. the we are dealing with
6:21 pm
the principle emergency, with a special session to address the shortfall. - physical--state of an emergency-and to close that gap, with $9 million of resolutions with $7 million of spending colts the both the would be health and human services. -the bulk. >> and also to eliminate the welfare to work recipients and all trough care would be cut and programs for the elderly, the disabled and the governor says that his successor, george brown might not be able to agree? jerry brown--however, he does not want to leave him with a pile of debt. ho >> and the governor spokesperson says that the governor will attend but is not involved with the details. the california chamber of commerce and the
6:22 pm
naacp, and the others are trying to raise contributions for the big party that will be december 16th. faugh 7 7 enough with increasing cloud coverage over the north bay and mostly clear, overnight. temperatures will be dropping into the 40's a little bit cooler. still, 50 degrees in 46 degrees in hayward, and through the afternoon, temperatures will warm up nicely. with a sunshine in the south bay look at those temperatures! with 67 degrees in los gatos. comfortable and 66 in san jose. and we are seeing major changes to the middle of this week with stormtracker 4 radar. increasing in the north bay at this hour. and a few bands of moisture associated with it. and with a one-two punch of rainfall! with rain
6:23 pm
on wednesday pushing through the north bay. and by 5:00 a.m. it looks pretty impressive. however, it will start to dissipate/break apart with light rain showers over the north bay. and by 3:00 p.m., most of the same but not making much of landfall towards the south bay. drying up as we recall towards the afternoon. however, by thursday a.m., the northern half one the bay area will see heavier rainfall. and in the north bay, concentration your petaluma, with three- quarters of an inch expected in the been one-third in the central-based. and in the south bay, you do not see any rainfall at all. and to take a look at kron 4 7 day around the bay clear conditions of their, tomorrow. to start today with increasing clouds and back on thursday morning
6:24 pm
that could have leaving us with a slight chance on friday but a nice dry out and warm weekend. been with the supreme court says it is going to consider an appeal for the biggest unemployment--employment in history, favored men over women in pace/promotions. and a class action lawsuit and the argument is set for next spring. stay with us. we will be back after this break.
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>> justin toome---timberlake suffered a broken ankle and kennedy center honors for this year's include oprah winfrey winfrey, paul mccurdy, and country music
6:28 pm
legend, merle haggard. the annual ceremony honors the winners for contributions to the world performing arts and american culture. stay with us. we will be back after this quick break. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ >> pay pal and this was banks have stopped transactions for wikileaks. and this with the safety of americans at risk. secretary of state is calling this critical for dependencies. many of them are obvious with ports across the world, a critical waterways, the suiz ca spherenal and the straigst of and saudi
6:31 pm
arabia, has the world's biggest crude oil. and the condo, has cold winds, and india produces chromium. - staccato has called-comb condo in africa bought the condbanks and with an tyee 6 veno-anti vem produced in australia. this is already been given to 2.5 million people. now, julien and assande is going to be meeting with british police. he is charged with on lawful coercion and a sexual assault in sweden. >> bush era tax will be extended including the rich.
6:32 pm
this president made the announcement earlier tonight. with democrats and not giving in to republicans without getting something back. >> make no mistake allowed texas to go off on all americans would of raised taxes by $3,000. for a typical american family and that could cost our economy while over 1 million jobs. at the same time, i am not going to add $7 million to our deficit with permanent extension of the tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. and i will not allow any for these without also extending unemployment benefits for workers of lost her job. >> and here is a breakdown of that agreement but extending tax cuts to all americans. and unemployment benefits, and the deal changes the tax structure
6:33 pm
for a luxury real-estate. and it also allows businesses to write off 100 percent of their capital investment. congress still us to vote on this before it goes into effect. >> and other stories making news from the bay area. how to with the night circuit the three judges spent the morning in the afternoon reviewing the proposition 8. overturning the ban on same- sex marriage. and both sides, and this ruling could be coming in weeks or months. likely not until next year. and will this appeal to the supreme court either side. either that loses. will appeal to the supreme court. >> the imprisonment/torture of the 16 year-old tracy teenager received maximum sentences. 30, 33 years in prison and ramirez, the guardian also got 34 years.
6:34 pm
and held captive for the amount of two years, he was repeatedly beaten, tortured before you was escaped. 18 year-old son out did not address the court but his aunt did going his torturers sadistic. >> and the first phase of a $9 million road improvement has ended. the a been busy since february fixing this roadway. new release, for both cars, pedestrians. a roundabout has also been installed at an interception that was once very congested. this problem of erosion has been fixed this massive ca-- ta has been put in place, and this next apriltar----and that tarp will
6:35 pm
eventually integrate itself into the hillside naturally. >> these. for a rusted on a variety of charges including child endangerment. the father has previous weapons and assault convictions and he was recently released from parole. >> in san francisco, broken parking meters may not always mean free parking. and if that means that it is broken? that usually means that it is 82 or free parking slot however, there would like to see that changed to one hour. with this one of our maximum on all no matter what would reduce the amount of vandalism and lost parking revenue. this will go to the board on tuesday and meet with this board of supervisors as well. if daniel villareal
6:36 pm
>> ofto war big weather story with storms hitting the bay area. our big weather story. a couple of systems moving. and by 5:00 a.m., after the north bay and with is breaking down towards the south. and for the most they on wednesday. a brief lull. before it turns on thursday and even could get heavier. potentially lingering and by the weekend, sunny, and mild conditions expected. >> and kimberly sakamoto and right now if you're looking for holiday gadget ge---gift kv gabriel slate's tech report on where to find the best items. and also, the coolest new accessories for game consoles like a nintendo wii, x box 360 in place station 3. also, his tips on
6:37 pm
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>> gabriel slate's tech report and a lot of people have been not aware that british check-in spend-radio shack. they're offering $50 off on iphone. and with the iphone 3 can get also, that the dollars off any trading discount. if you bring in your trade in, an additional amount of of your iphone purchase. with one to $5 off depending on the condition york trading and. $125--and you are treating and and you
6:41 pm
could have a new iphone 4 add only $25. this promotion will run to this saturday and then it is over. i suspect they will get it quick and if you'd like a new iphone 4? get to reduce shechem off quick. >> and--radio shack >> and at&t got the worst ratings. >> $100 billion and involve all the useless because of printing problems that the government new high-tech $100 bill. and kimberly sakamoto. >> the new high-tech design was first hit in april. the treasure was so excited. with new security features. and they say that this would have a three-dimensional security. and an image of a
6:42 pm
bell. and these exotic features have caused problems with the problems and it is not one $10 billion and a people familiar with us there were rendered on the use basically, that this was useless. this was scheduled to be next week but the production has been shut down. curley, quarantined and-courtly and hopefully they're using >> could alex smith be back at the 49ers? kerry has the story in sports, and also, terry has details on all the sports coming up next, gary radnich--behof
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
>> good evening, everybody, a charismatic died 72, and he was a great player. and at age 31 he retired and went into the broadcast booth with howard cosell that is when broadcasting was really innovative you could even spoken to both! >> and there were big stars. and i do not know if you follow this, catherine? >> yes i remember that, and everybody liked him. and howard cosell, you loved to hate them. but there were very innovative and now everybody runs together. and i wonder how those guys as great as they were would to s.a33 channel universe. how they were--2.
6:47 pm
> and he was cute, and to cosell, and the tide at 72 years old. josh mcdaniel is. he---died today. >> off and no, with josh mcdaniel said the broncos, 3-9. and he was fired today. to get fired in mid season just to go away. that means that you've really been bombing. 34 years, to go younger, this trend that will work a round-the-clock and this guy just not cut it. and even fined $50,000, taping a practice. and he should have not taped a practice and if you're going to do it? and the raiders gave themselves a playoff hopes and yesterday. jason campbell, and the crew. by all accounts, they're going to get wiped out in san diego and then when the game. as
6:48 pm
mcfadden, and the raiders are up. 28-13 for the first time since 20 01. they're not going to lose this game. since 2002, they're not going to lose 11 games. right now, 6-6. two games back behind the division but still hopes the playoffs. >> 49ers are holding onto a thread. and today, mike singletary says that i do not know but perhaps the heisman trophy has spent four finalists. and good news for bay area. andrew is going to be in new york city for the awards ceremony. and a signature against cal, to get out of his way and just knocked over a defensive tackle. can neuberger, and probably is the front- runner. and the only thing that would stop him would be
6:49 pm
f somebody would be asking him for all that money. and boise state, and the story here is it is difficult to figure because stanford says that they have offered substantial raise. and now the ball is in his court and there were referring to him earlier when they said that we expect gm to stick around. for the foreseeable future, and now here is the thing. . and if he's been at stanford 10-12 years. i am there to stay. and jackie, the same with jackie how long have you been here? >> two years. >> and rule breaker by perhaps one year lot >> and if the-one your clock, and a free which could buy? and jackie could
6:50 pm
be leading in one year. [laughter] >> and what you think? >> and stanford can make it. going as high as 2 million. and i want to say that it is in the right way but he exasperations besides that if you have to walk around campus. as opposed to get out of the way. and now, might be the time to do it if he is going to do it. >> good luck, jackie and about peace in the first to say congratulations. . she is going to go, one day. >> and i am roughening of jackie and adrian gonzales is going to make $20 million per year. for the boston red sox and they played out a deal and his contract is played out. and before they
6:51 pm
go, he and the boss to wink at each other. and one more quick one, jason. and he signed. and unbelievable coug one $26 million of the last place. and here, when believable--and they have to be crazy, i call the washington, they're very the washington nationals. seven years, one to 6 million! >> and i hope they do not cry. >> jacqueline, you know how the where interactive and where at the forefront. >> and we're going to be the first newscast. and we are going to come in off the street and yell. what about taxes? >> and and my pg&e bill? >> and we're getting there. >> and this is just the
6:52 pm
beginning kron of the going interactive, next.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
to >> let us:interactive audience, if you would please? >> hey gary, if the niners coach 8/8. and with the whining of a playoff game and do think that really needs a new direction? >> yes, i think that there will need a new coach. and with already they're looking to run to build a new stadium and fill them out! and even if the have had four victories recently, and he is just a bad fit. hear, the defense oriented guy and offensively, the program that is full of history with bill walsh. and with that said, i think he is gone. >> interactive, no. 2. >> hey gary, when are you going to be coming back to
6:56 pm
always asks me and any time i hear from them i used to hear from them when the wanted a " donation. >> and i discussed a c plus. >> and a c plus, my mother was brought to tears. and when they quit cheating, the quick been good. interactive, no. 3. >> hey gary, by the big fan and who was your favorite team growing up? >> i like the hat. , and i would say that my hero was willie mays, of the giants, and the warriors, and john brodie of the 49ers. that is one advantage of growing up. you can have a feel of what is and a lease to know how to get to sunnyvale. >> i like that he carried. >> and stop catherine and ask about the pg&e rates.
6:57 pm
them with the futurecast. [laughter] >> perhaps request they're asking. >> thank you. >> see you 11
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
it's time to take you deeper inside tonight's top story. i'm lara spencer. >> "the insider" is on. angelina, under attack today. >> she can rescue as many babies from as many countries as she wants to. i don't [ bleep ] you. she's a home wrecker, she is. >> called an expletive. >> who is targeting the star and what's her connection with jennifer aniston. >> that's why you got good girlfriends. >> yes. >> the near fatal live tv stunt that canceled justin bieber's performance. >> and is tiger woods keeping his kids from their $80 million home? >> and josh duhamel's slipup before he got


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